Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzles

I’ve got too much spare time

Caps I have (413 of 413)

I have images of all the caps that I have, and the solution links to the image of the cap. If the solution has an asterisk(*) by it then the cap was bent by a cap snaffeler at the bar, and I’m looking for a replacement. If you want to see the puzzles before the solution go to my Puzzle view page. Should you happen to have any caps that I am missing, and wouldn’t mind sending them to me please get in touch with me.

Caps I have which are damaged (0 of 413)

When I go to the bar I always ask the bartender to give me the cap rather than throw it away, but they always use a cap snaffeler to remove the caps which usually puts a crease in the top and damages the rim. Now, I don’t mind keeping these in my collection, but I would rather replace them with pristine ones (twisted off rather than pried off). The following caps that I have are damaged, and I’m seeking a replacement, if you have any of these caps (undamaged) then let me know.

Caps that aren’t puzzles

Apparently Lone Star has made a few caps that aren’t puzzles at all. Here are the ones I’ve come across, if you have any others please contact me.