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So, I never thought that I was vain enough to have my own website, but apparently I was wrong. Here you will find a collection of the things I like to do, things I do whether I like to or not, and things I am compelled to say.

What you'll find

Woo hoo, I've put together all the pages that will exist for a while. I've got information about my graduate research (the magnifying glass), my teaching (the chalkboard), my hobbies (the wrench and screwdriver), things I enjoy [websites, music, places, etc.] (the heart), my ramblings (the typewriter), a calendar of upcoming shows that I will likely attend (the calendar), information about me and this site (the 'i'), and contact info (the mailbox). The part that I am most proud of is my lone star beer cap puzzle page; give it a look see if you are bored. In the future I will likely add some more as it becomes relevant

I’ve removed the link to the calendar for the summer since I’m not in Texas and won’t be going to many shows.