Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzles (Puzzle View)

I've got too much spare time

Caps I have (50 in the range of 1 to 50)

Below are the images of all the caps I have, if you hover your cursor over a puzzle the solution will show up. Once again, if the cap is bent there will be an asterisk (*) at the end of the solution. The images are half size, so if you need a larger view just click on it and you can see the full size, you won't be able to get the solution in the full size view just yet, but someday I'll add some functionality to it so you can.

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When it's springtime in the mountains   Hot dog, they won   Lucky days are here again   I left my heart in San Francisco   Moon over Miami   Here's suds in your eyes   I will take a double   How about a date, baby?   Who buys this round?   As time goes by   Time on my hands   You are a barrel of laughs   Tea for two   It's lucky when you live in America   Don't call us, we'll call you   May I have this dance?   Sweet Leilani   I'll see you in my dreams   To each his own   East of the sun and west of the moon   Take me out to the ball game   Fastest draw in the west   Lucky break   Down the hatch   Don't flip your lid   Music to my ears   Scuttlebutt   Pass the buck   Time to hit the hay   Strike while the iron is hot   Asleep at the switch   Take it or leave it   Here comes the judge   Fly by night   Grin and bear it   Easy come, easy go   Saving for a rainy day   Up a lazy river   A stitch in time saves nine   Hey, Joe, check the head on that one   Home on the range   It's lucky when you live in the West   Custer's last stand   How the west was won   It's lucky when you live out West   Organize a paper drive   Be nice to your neighbor   Pick up litter   Two birds in the bush   Love your Country  

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