Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzles (Puzzle View)

I've got too much spare time

Caps I have (50 in the range of 101 to 150)

Below are the images of all the caps I have, if you hover your cursor over a puzzle the solution will show up. Once again, if the cap is bent there will be an asterisk (*) at the end of the solution. The images are half size, so if you need a larger view just click on it and you can see the full size, you won't be able to get the solution in the full size view just yet, but someday I'll add some functionality to it so you can.

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The pink panther   Racing against time   A bird in the hand   Maxwell Smart   Appalachian Mountains   Not playing fair   King Arthur's court   Don't mention it   Look who's talking   The pursuit of happiness   'T' formation   Wait till next year   Journey to the moon   Breaking a Jinx   Sweetie Pie   Keep it under your hat   Ants in your pants   Russian roulette   Buffalo Bill   More than one fish in the ocean   Up, up, and away   You can't fool me   Right on!   Changing times   Don't take a chance   Chances are   Go jump in the lake   Farmer Brown   The early bird catches the worm   No bed of roses   I don't have anything to wear   Rocket to the moon   I'm bone dry   Go fly a kite   We'll be seeing you   Money don't come easy   California or bust   Batter up   A bucket of beer   Two peas in a pod   No time like the present   Don't be a litter bug   Roll out the barrel   A narrow escape   Listen to your elders   Racing against time   I've got you under my skin   Bargain basement   Early to bed; early to rise   Popeye the sailor man  

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