Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzles (Puzzle View)

I've got too much spare time

Caps I have (50 in the range of 251 to 300)

Below are the images of all the caps I have, if you hover your cursor over a puzzle the solution will show up. Once again, if the cap is bent there will be an asterisk (*) at the end of the solution. The images are half size, so if you need a larger view just click on it and you can see the full size, you won't be able to get the solution in the full size view just yet, but someday I'll add some functionality to it so you can.

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You've only yourself to blame   Too close for comfort   What are you doing tonight?   Working from the ground up   I'm not the least bit interested   A point well taken   Poor Richard's Almanac   Back to the drawing board   Charcoal broiled steak   Hero's Welcome   I can dream can't I?   Gone, but not forgotten   Accidents will happen   Count to ten   Home fried potatoes   Alive and kicking   Neither fish nor fowl   I don't stand a chance   Sign on the dotted line   My lips are sealed   Off to the races   Full dress parade   You're more than welcome   Learning the ropes   Spring is in the air   You know me better than that   Quick on the draw   That's my boy   Forget me not   Handle with care   As hard as nails   Fire at will   Boy Scouts of America   All in favor say, 'Aye'   Roast Beef Sandwich   How the west was won   As sweet as sugar   Tall in the saddle   Easy on the eyes   A knight in shining armor   You're on the right track   Block that kick   According to Hoyle   Oh, say can you see   Forty winks   I've got high hopes   Suit yourself   A whale of an idea   T bone steak   The Encanted Forest  

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