Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzles (Puzzle View)

I've got too much spare time

Caps I have (50 in the range of 351 to 400)

Below are the images of all the caps I have, if you hover your cursor over a puzzle the solution will show up. Once again, if the cap is bent there will be an asterisk (*) at the end of the solution. The images are half size, so if you need a larger view just click on it and you can see the full size, you won't be able to get the solution in the full size view just yet, but someday I'll add some functionality to it so you can.

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Sleight of hand   Ring around the rosie   Double Header   Very important person   Spin the bottle   A wild goose chase   Treasure Island   Chinese Checkers   A mere trifle   Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum   Eclipse of the moon   Plain horse sense   Aladdin and his lamp   Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star   As pale as a ghost   There's no place like home   Fantasy Island   Flatter than a pancake   Victory Celebration   Graham crackers   You can say that again   We'll have to wait and see   Ronald Reagan   The Empire strikes back   Scrambled eggs   Baloney sandwich   Working overtime   A hearty appetite   I don't believe it   Beginners luck   Keep a safe distance   Mork and Mindy   Money isn't everything   Back seat driver   You better watch out   The sky's the limit   Don't be a fraidy cat   You could hear a pin drop   Choosing Up Sides   The Cookie Monster   You're asking for trouble   Two against one is not fair   Surprise party   You Couldn't have been nicer   Miami Dolphins   That's incredible   The Ten Commandments   Going a mile a minute   Three's company   How was I supposed to know  

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