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Jul 10, 2009, 1:17 pm by Lew

i want itI saw this and I thought of paul. this matters.

Array Brownies

Jan 23, 2009, 2:01 pm by Lew

array cake get!Yesterday was my bday and for the occasion my fiancee made me a delicious and hilarious microarray brownie cake. if you are a bio nerd this is funny. if not then it is jargon. i wanted to share though.

flu vaccine II

Dec 9, 2008, 2:15 pm by Lew

Here is a nice citation about mass flu vaccination Over the last seven years Ontario gave free influenza vaccinations to everyone over 6 months old. The rest of Canada, like the USA, continued population targeted vaccinations. In Ontario the number of influenza related deaths and hospital visits went down dramatically compared to the rest of the country.

The Effect of Universal Influenza Immunization on Mortality and Health Care Use

The results of this large-scale natural experiment suggest that universal

vaccination may be an effective public health measure for reducing the annual

burden of influenza.

I can't find the link but the cdc is adding people 6 months to 18 years old to the targeted vaccination group. Not because they are vulnerable but because school children are a major vector pool for influenza.

broken windows

Dec 1, 2008, 12:32 pm by Lew

For fun last night I decided to install ubuntu linux on my laptop. I used linux before getting to college when certain applications forced me back to windows. I am constantly frustrated by windows. It seems like it never improves. Computers are getting better but windows just gets more bloated. It never runs faster. It seems like there has been no improvement since windows 95, windows just gets shinier and fatter. My windows laptop refuses to shutdown or restart on its own, I always have to hold down the power button. It takes like 10 minutes to boot up. Microsoft in their generosity gives me huge updates every couple days that break competing programs. Blah blah micro$oft blah. Rachel recently got a Eee pc 901 laptop. She put ubuntu on it and it has basically been the best thing since the intertubes were invented. Last night I decided I would go the dualboot route and installed ubuntu on my laptop. And somewhere in the installation I managed to format my hard drive. It must have been during the partitioning. To top it off my bootable cd has an error so I canít finish the linux installation. This is the second bad iso disc I have made so I decided to order an official copy of ubuntu. So I should be up and running with essentially a brand new computer later this week. Fortunately I backed up my essential documents. I am kind of happy that I get to start fresh with this computer. Though my own stupidity forced me into, and now I really have no choice but become a linux dork. I have no idea where my XP disc might be. It is just as well I think I will be happier when I comfy with linux and no longer need windows. I donít see windows going well, I will never get vista so it is just as well that I jumped ship now. Though I still plan on getting a mac desktop soon. If operating systems were lovers I would probably have the clap.

lew's electoral prediction

Nov 4, 2008, 1:44 pm by Lew

real prediction: obama wins all the states plus frMy guess is Obama wins with 344 electoral votes. I think of the toss-up states Obama gets are Virginia and Missouri. Which I predict is the beginning of blue dripping down into southern states if obama is a decent president.

What is your guess/prediction?

posts taste like internet

Aug 19, 2008, 10:19 pm by Lew

I try to enjoy the fine things in life, rather I try to enjoy things finely. Not necessarily the expensive or the rare, just the fine. I just try to enjoy things for what they are. To enjoy the essence, the spirit of a thing. Anything one does for pleasure has a spirit, the thing that is motivating you to partake. I am making a concerted effort to enjoy things purely with an undiluted spirit. With a build up like this you are surely wondering what I am getting at. Liquor and coffee, that is the subject of my musings. Liquor should taste like liquor. Not like a slurpy with booze. A cocktail is liquor with flavors, usually served very cold. The alcohol brings its own flavor and heightens the taste of the ingredients. A cocktail is an experience, a powerful and unique culinary experience. Yes culinary. Cocktails are a great way to experience flavors because many aromatics are soluble in alcohol. It wasn't until I had homemade cocktails that I experienced what a drink can be. A margarita at a tex-mex place is tasty and happiness inducing, but an experience it is not. When I had this revelation admit I started kind of looking down my nose at people who couldn't handle a real drink (by my definition). Then I realized what a hypocrite I am. I drink coffee all day, but with more milk and sugar than a snickers bar. Coffee should taste like coffee, not like candy. I learned to drink coffee at starbucks, where they make coffee flavored milk shakes. Coffee is great for getting you wired, but it is also a flavor experience to savor. I am trying to cut out the sugar and use just a touch of milk. I am enjoying it, my coffee tastes like coffee! Imagine that!


Jul 3, 2008, 3:30 pm by Lew

i was engaged in a throwdown today. a haiku throwdown. my labmate and i were competing to see who was the better note writer. it all started after she asserted a unicorn i drew was stupid. i had to defend the noble beasts honor. no one could decide who was superior so we had a tie breaking haiku competition. the haiku had to be about pcr (polymerase chain reaction) which is what we work on. if you don't have a molecular biology background these will not be very funny.

here is the haiku i lost to:

Sweet Polymerase
Nimbly dance on DNA
Forming chains of life

here is my submission:

Hot spring denizen
A gift from Yellowstone Park
T. aquaticus

if you are biology nerd then those are quite funny. i let you down unicorn. the bible teaches that jews should not be trusted with unicorns. i should have known.
forgive me...

Like my melons?

Jul 2, 2008, 11:35 pm by Lew

canta.... muskmeloni have a little garden. really rachel and i and our friends john and jade have a garden. it is in john and jade's backyard. i do most of the daily tending. i sneak in their backyard on my way to work to check for pests and do any pruning. We have a good pepper crop, as well as many herbs and we used to have squash (it is now out of season). we also have tomatoes, but birds destroyed our first crop. i am hoping to get another batch, i have since learned how to protect tomatoes from birds.

I am most proud though of my melons. in the pictures you can see our watermelon and cantaloupe vines. little known fact that you can grow melons vertically in a small space. in the first picture is a cantaloupe. in the second you can see a tiny little watermelon. those are the biggest fruits at the moment though the vines are covered in smaller immature fruits. i am a cantaloupe enthusiast. i would say so bold as to say cantaloupe is my favorite fruit. a perfectly ripe cantaloupe is unbeatable. a melon can be a meal, a dessert and makes an fantastic ice cream. so i am excited about growing my own. there are varieties of fruits and veggies that you can not buy in grocery stores, you have to grow them. the cantaloupes are two different heirloom varieties that you cannot get in stores. in addition to my fondness for the flavor i have a connection to them as they are one of the few fruits that grows well in west texas. a pecos melon is the champagne of melons.

this morning i rigged up little slings to hold up the melons. i wrapped pantyhose around the melons and then strung them up to support the weight. the pantyhose stretches as the melon grows and keeps birds off. the support keeps the vine from breaking so it can ripen fully. yes, i had to go buy pantyhose just for my melons.

i am looking forward to august and the start of the fall growing season. in texas one can grow crops year round. the least productive time is the heat of the summer. you can still grow in winter if you are careful. come august i am going to convert the gardens to strawberries and green beans. yum.
farmer lew

Good Morning, jiffy lube sucks

Jun 25, 2008, 10:53 am by Lew

You have aquired lube cannon.this morning is an example of how to start your day. rachel is taking a day off because she can (I wish I had that many days off left to use). she woke up with me and we made eggs, toast and coffee and had breakfast on our back porch. there were birds squaking in the trees and we translated bird screeches into english (male bird, "haaaaave sex with me!!!" female bird, "nooooooo!"). I then went for a quick swim, which was fantastic. i plan on having a post soon about my pool addiction. the water was crisp and clear and the sky was gorgeous. then i took a hot shower and sweat shave. then i squeezed in a quick level of mega man 6. the double "w" house is in a n.e.s. renaissance. then finally left to work, just a touch late, but that is not a big deal.

i was late to work because of jiffy lube. not because of breakfast, birds, swimming, showering or mega man 6. i had my oil changed at jiffy lube a couple days ago. i noticed my car had been riding strangely since the oil change. on a hunch i checked my tire pressure and it was 7 lbs lower than i keep it. while i was at jiffy lube they said they adjusted the pressure on my tires for me. i thought it was strange to adjust tires that are hot from the road but it's part of the service. well it wasn't a good idea. my milage has been crap since i had my oil changed. the caps on the tires were barely on. and they left a freaking wrench on the rim below my windshield. that place is a freaking scam, but it is the only oil shop near my lab. they always call you out to see your air filter to show you how dirty it is. yeah of course the air filter in my car is dirty, that means it is working! they adjusted my tire to 40psi, crazy high and i told them to bring it back to the 32f/30r that honda recommends. which lead to my underinflated tires. so long story longer, i reinflated my tires on my way to work and my car felt much better. though that made me a few minutes late. which no one noticed.

i need to learn to change my own oil so i don't have to pay scam artists $30 for 5 minutes worth of work.

I am internet famous by association

Jun 19, 2008, 11:42 pm by Lew

Brad Neely and the real Baby CakesTonight me and some fine folks (john, jade, vince, finacee rachie and sarah) went to the Alamo drafthouse downtown for the Brad Neely Animation showcase. Mr. Neely was there in person and I got my picture with him in person. excuse the ugly dude in the picture me i was drunk and it is an iphone in a dark room. If you are not familiar with the name Brad Neely he is the genius behind washington. It was a pretty great event and it was cool seeing Neely. He was hilarious and incredibly shy.

if you like washington he has more on super deluxe

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