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Street Art II

Jan 30, 2009, 9:54 am by Lew

rocket shipThis was in a construction tunnel for the condo tower "the austonian" on Congress ave. I liked it. I thought it was neat that someone would spray paint a rocket ship.

Street Art I

Jan 21, 2009, 3:47 pm by Lew

Barton Springs under the Missouri Pacific BridgeI have long wanted to document street art that I happen upon. I finally got a camera phone so now I can start doing it. There are some street artists (that I have known) that have a strict code. They are artists using the outdoors as a gallery. They only put their art on public spots, like electic boxes and light polls. never on a building or private propert. many are wheat-pasters, they use a flour based adhesive so their pictures will dissolve after a month. i don't always condone street art. but some of it is really good. i won't post every scibble i happen on, but anything that obviously took some thought and effort i will add here. So here is my first contribution. This was taken on Barton Springs Road in Austin, it is a stencil sprayed on a bridge pillar on the missouri pacific (mopac) railroad bridge. enjoy.

Próspero Año

Jan 1, 2009, 9:39 pm by Lew

Happy New Year y'all. 2008 was quite a year it had big ups and downs but the ups were truly great and the downs manageable. 2009 will be guaranteed to be awesome as I get married this year. The fiancee and I enjoyed drinks and fireworks for new year's eve. We had noodles for dinner tonight as a tip of the hat to chinese new year, long new noodles long life. I took a swim in Barton Springs pool to start the new year and it was glorious. I skipped (slept through) the morning dunk most swimmers take and went after dark. There were only a couple people there, the water was crystal clear even in the darkness. I could see some large-ish fish swimming and all the plants on the bottom. There were stars out (almost as much as the east austin sky), the zilker tree was still up, and the towers were glowing across the river. I put on a pot of black-eyed peas and ate a small bowl of them when I got home. I don't know the origin of that new years tradition but as long as I remember I have had them every new years. Should be a lucky and prosperous year amiright?

planet blu-ray

Dec 27, 2008, 1:29 am by Lew

that's sir david I learned two things recently. The first is that blu-ray is totally worth it and that if you are making a documentary you either need to have someone who speaks English with an accent or you need James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman. There are no other Americans who can narrate for a damn. I got a blu-ray player for Christmas and the planet earth bbc discs. The difference is amazing. I did not think the vhs to dvd jump was a big deal, the picture is comparable. Watching a wolf take down a caribou in hd is amazing. I like nature films and this is the best non-Jacques Cousteau series I have seen. Cousteau may lack hd but the weird places he went and the drama he brings more than makes up for it. Now if they could do his movies on blu-ray I would probably sell a testicle to see them. This tangents to my other point. David Attenborough narrates planet earth. I watched a (regular def) documentary by Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of Jacques) and it was good. But it was narrated by just regular American dude. Why the hell didn’t Jean-Michel narrate? He is franco-american he was born to narrate. Documentaries either need the authenticity and exotic quality of accented English or the gravity of james earl jones, otherwise it just footage of outside with dudes chattering.

a few things that matter

Aug 20, 2008, 11:26 am by Lew

Into the wild is a terrible movie. If you are not familiar with it already let me bring you up to speed. It is based on a true story about a guy who gave up all his money and possessions and lived in the wild. Eventually making his way up to Alaska, where he died after eating poisonous berries. I am all behind people living in nature, doing without modern comforts. It is a beautiful and romantic idea. I was really excited to see the movie. However the movie’s portrayal of this guy’s adventure is awful. The dialog is at a middle school level (or apparently sean penn level), the acting is not very good (it has vince Vaughn in it for some reason). So nothing against the real guy, I am pretty sure this movie is not doing his story justice. It is the first movie that I rented and could not sit through. I turned it off twice trying to trudge my way though it. I can usually sit through a movie even it is bad, this was painful.

This morning my cat was screaming at me to wake up and feed her. I wasn’t ready to get up yet a rolled over back to sleep. I dreamt that my cat was angry at me and decided to ally herself to the Russians. In the dream the Russians were my rabbits.

I am sad that the frozen bigfoot was (of course) a hoax. I wanted to believe!!!

I am extra sad about the 1 month old humpback whale baby in Australia. It got separated from its mother somehow and has been cuddling up to a boat it mistakes for a momma whale. It tries to nurse off the boat. They will probably euthanize the poor thing before it starves to death unless another momma whale happens by and adopts the baby whale.

I need to stop reading the news so much.

po' baby whale

Like my melons?

Jul 2, 2008, 11:35 pm by Lew

canta.... muskmeloni have a little garden. really rachel and i and our friends john and jade have a garden. it is in john and jade's backyard. i do most of the daily tending. i sneak in their backyard on my way to work to check for pests and do any pruning. We have a good pepper crop, as well as many herbs and we used to have squash (it is now out of season). we also have tomatoes, but birds destroyed our first crop. i am hoping to get another batch, i have since learned how to protect tomatoes from birds.

I am most proud though of my melons. in the pictures you can see our watermelon and cantaloupe vines. little known fact that you can grow melons vertically in a small space. in the first picture is a cantaloupe. in the second you can see a tiny little watermelon. those are the biggest fruits at the moment though the vines are covered in smaller immature fruits. i am a cantaloupe enthusiast. i would say so bold as to say cantaloupe is my favorite fruit. a perfectly ripe cantaloupe is unbeatable. a melon can be a meal, a dessert and makes an fantastic ice cream. so i am excited about growing my own. there are varieties of fruits and veggies that you can not buy in grocery stores, you have to grow them. the cantaloupes are two different heirloom varieties that you cannot get in stores. in addition to my fondness for the flavor i have a connection to them as they are one of the few fruits that grows well in west texas. a pecos melon is the champagne of melons.

this morning i rigged up little slings to hold up the melons. i wrapped pantyhose around the melons and then strung them up to support the weight. the pantyhose stretches as the melon grows and keeps birds off. the support keeps the vine from breaking so it can ripen fully. yes, i had to go buy pantyhose just for my melons.

i am looking forward to august and the start of the fall growing season. in texas one can grow crops year round. the least productive time is the heat of the summer. you can still grow in winter if you are careful. come august i am going to convert the gardens to strawberries and green beans. yum.
farmer lew

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