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Jan 19, 2011, 11:43 am by Paul Stiverson

Howdy everybody, Iím sure my tiny group of readers has dwindled since it has been so damned long since Iíve posted anything. Sorry about that, just ran out of stuff to talk about I guess. Anyhow Iíll post a little update about life right now, and I think Iíve some things to say again so expect upcoming updates.

To begin things, I finished my Masterís Degree many moons ago (Iím a master of science. Take that, Bitches). I had posted that I wanted to work on a Ph.D., but Iíve abandoned that plan due to lack of research interests. Iíve been filling my days with tutoring, and my evenings with dancing. Iím going out on a limb and focusing my efforts on being a professional ballroom dancer. My teacher has taken me under her wing, and has been formally grooming me to teach and dance as a career. Iím happy to announce that Iím now available to teach as an associate of Susanís Ballroom Dance, if you want some lessons you can get in touch and we can schedule a lesson.

As a happy result of focusing so intently on dancing I lost 75 pounds in the last year. I still have a bit to go before I start building a permanent wardrobe, but Iím extremely happy with my results thus far.

In other news, I was arrested for aggravated gardening. Iíll probably tell the story more completely in the near future. The case has been resolved: my charge was pled down to a misdemeanor and Iím serving 2 years of probation, paying $2000 in fines, and serving 200 hours of community service. Justice served. For community service Iím going to try to start a dance program at a local community center, barring that Iíll do whatever they ask of me. If you are sympathetic to the cause then you can donate to my fines and legal defense fund, Iíll choreograph you a dance in return. Iíll probably have a series of posts relating to the joys of community supervision. One of the terms of probation is that I cannot consume alcohol, or enter the premises of any establishment that profits primarily from the sale of alcohol (What alcohol has to do with pot is beyond me, but Iím hardly in a position to dictate the rules). The upside being that I now have a good reason for turning down invitations to bars, sorry folks I never liked them anyway save for the dancing.

Barring any major catastrophe my probation will end December 17, 2012.

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