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Oct 2, 2008, 8:39 pm by John

So Take i on this subject ended with a not very well thought out ramble complaining about people giving their opinion when that is what they are paid to do. so i didn't really have a reason to complain in the first place and decided to remove my post. after more thought i decided to give this another shot.

take ii:

the other day i was watching the morning news and they talked about how the ladies on the view got into a big to do about political matters. i then decided that i didn't like that they were giving their opinions in the first place, but mr. stiverson pointed out that they are paid to do just that. so why are tv hosts asked to give their opinions in the first place? some how i see a disconnect between their daily lives and mine. for that matter, i'm sure that their lives are drastically different than 95% of the people who watch these shows and maybe are falsely leading people to a certain candidate.

so people are paid to give their opinion...i don't like it but i can't do anything to stop it. i think what really turns my stomach, and why i don't like this so much, is that these people might actually effect how someone else votes and who wins an election. does anybody think that an average american would watch one of these shows and actually vote because of who someone like a barbara walters is going to vote for? (comments please, i'd like to know what you think) i'm of the opinion that a person should base their vote on the debates or other speeches from the candidates. this is the only time you get to see how a candidate, from their own mouth, feels about a subject (without the media's "filter"). maybe i'm more of a free thinker than i thought...

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zach Says:

Oct 3, 2008

Maybe I'd take your opinion more seriously if you could write like an adult. Just saying...those in glass houses.

Paul Stiverson Says:

Oct 3, 2008

hey John, you botching about people who get paid to share their opinions sharing their opinions (in the case of The View).

LEW Says:

Oct 3, 2008

What was the post about? I missed it!

don't take down posts man! edit them if need be but don't deny us your thoughts!

Paul Stiverson Says:

Oct 3, 2008

John, it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that the average voter doesn’t know shit about the individual candidates, much less the political process at large.* Who they decide to vote for usually comes from endorsements or advertisements. Ultimately it is everybody’s (who has a stake in a certain candidate winning) job to endorse their favorite candidate, and those in the limelight are using their elevated stature to make their endorsements known. Is it any different than Bill O’Reilly or Lou Dobbs railing on (and misleading the public) about whatever candidate they happen to like or dislike in this election cycle? No.

* I have a first-hand account of welfare moms voting for George W. Bush because he was “Cuter” than Kerry. Ignorance is a two-way street..

john grego Says:

Oct 3, 2008

i don't know if i would be so quick to clump them all into the same group. people like bill o'reilly are obviously biased, but i would think they are a little more well versed in politics. i don't watch any of those shows in the first place so i can't really say. can you take someone seriously when they go from talking about britney spears's life to talking about the election 5 minutes later? maybe...

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