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Feb 16, 2009, 1:28 pm by Paul Stiverson

I previously posted that I was considering quitting graduate school after finishing my Masterís degree. Iím happy to say that I have decided against that plan. My new advisor was able to pull some strings at NASA and get them to open up a fellowship position for me which led to a significant pay increase from my previous salary so I am in a much better financial situation than before. Iím still looking forward to teaching full (or at least mostly full) time, but I can put it off a few more years and muscle through my doctorate. In the interim I will continue to tutor and keep applying to be a lecturer here in the Mechanical Engineering department. As far as research goes I am enjoying my current topic a lot more now that I have funding and time to work on it, but will keep looking for a new and exciting topic for my Ph.D.

As part of this development I took my qualifying exams (or prelims if you will) last week. Iím happy to announce that I passed them both on the first attempt, so I am now qualified to start Doctoral work.

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mark Says:

Feb 16, 2009


sam Says:

Feb 16, 2009

What do engineering prelims consist of?

faith Says:

Feb 18, 2009

that's awesome! congratulations!

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