Using RSS

The best way I've found to read RSS on OSX is to use Mail, assuming you already use Mail to check your email, if you don't then get your act together.

Start by opening from the Dock or Finder (in the 'Applications' directory). in Finder

Now go ahead and open the preferences by pressing ⌘, (that comma is part of the keystroke). The following window should appear preferences.

Click on the RSS tab at the top of the window and change the 'Default RSS Reader' to and set the other preferences however you feel is appropriate.

RSS tab in preferences

Close the preferences window and open Navigate to a page with an RSS feed and click on the blue RSS button in the location bar

The blue RSS button

A menu will appear giving you a choice between 'Atom' and 'RSS 2.0'. These are equivalent streams and will read either of them; choose whichever you like. ('Atom' is probably a better choice because it is a more robust file format, but that is a discussion for another day.) Once you make your selection will generate a sheet like the one below.

The feed sheet in

Click 'Add' on that sheet and you are done. The feed will appear under the RSS section on the sidebar of Clicking on the arrow sends the entries to your inbox so you can read them as you would your email.

Sidebar showing RSS feeds in