MEEN 364

All new material for tutoring (including a video solutions manual for Dr Childs book!) will be posted at all content on that site will be free of charge.

Hey there, folks. If you have found this page I'm guessing you are interested in getting some help with MEEN 364.

What I offer

I'll be giving weekly lectures that will stay current with the course, in these lectures I will cover the topics, answer student's questions, and work example problems. Also, I will hold pre-exam review sessions where I will work problems (by student's request).

This will be the eighth semester that I have offered this lecture based tutoring, and throughout the years I have received mostly positive feedback on the efficacy of the program and the quality of prepared materials.

I have also prepared my own class notes which are available for purchase. View the Table of Contents, and a sample topic.


Activity Price
Weekly Session$40
Pre-exam Review$60
Course Notes$60

You can purchase a season pass—which includes all of the weekly sessions, pre-exam reviews, and a set of course notes—for only $450.

I will accept cash or check, you can bring it by my office (location TBA) anytime, or bring it to a session. Note: if you are buying a season pass or course notes you should notify me before-hand so I can have a copy of the notes ready for you.

Early Bird Pricing! Sign up and pay before the first day of classes and I'll knock off $50. Get in touch about payment options.

Mailing list

If you want to be contacted about sessions for 364 or any other course for which I tutor let me know.