About this site

This site's layout was inspired by Dave Lane's old website which I find to be simple and elegant, and it is protected by the Creative Commons License which allows me to modify and use the layout as long as I attribute the work (which I'm doing now). I have also elected to use the Creative Commons License to protect my work.

About the Icons

I'm using a subset of icons from the Crystal Clear collection which I found on iconBase.com, they are all png images, so if they look like they are surrounded by a grey or black background you should get a better browser (Dave Lane wrote a good blurb on standards compliance that you should check out)

About the Calendar

The calendar itself is generated using a php script by Keith Devens. It is quite robust and serves the purposes well.

About me

I'm currently studying for my Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from A&M as well. I also went to high school, but who cares. If you care, you can read about my research in the research section. Furthermore, I write short sentences. Apart from learning I also enjoy teaching... well I like being a teachers assistant, which means that I teach the students that want to learn, but have no contact with the ones that don't care.

So after writing that little blurb I realized that this whole site is about me, so this section is really redundant, but its too late I already wrote it.