or, rather, teaching assistance

As part of my graduate school experience I took a position as a teachers assistant. I was pleasently surprised to find how much I enjoyed being a TA.

MEEN 363 - Dynamics and Vibrations

All new material for tutoring (including a video solutions manual for Dr Childs book!) will be posted at TutorPaul.com all content on that site will be free of charge.

I worked for Dr. Dara Childs, who was teaching Dynamics and Vibrations, for two semesters. My responsibilites included holding office hours to help students understand course materials, preparing and grading quizzes and projects, and assisting in exam grading. Historically the TA gave the students a series of exam strategy sheets that were prepared by Andy Conkey, but I decided to revise them for grammar and content using LaTeX to typeset them, I felt this improved their readability and thus their usefulness. The versions I created can be found below.

Exam Strategy Sheets

MEEN 364 - Dynamic Systems and Controls

While I was never officially a teacher (or assistant) for this course I have been tutoring it since the Spring of 2007, and have just finished a complete set of notes for the class which are easier to understand than the provided lecture notes, my notes will be available for purchase as a packet. Also I will be holding weekly tutoring session in the upcoming semester, if you want to join us then contact me.

I will not be posting the notes up here, you will have to attend my lectures to get them (or purchase a copy); however I might post a sample topic to give you a taste.