The Crap I Do

Being something of an eccentric [I hope nobody minds me linking to] I have a number of hobbies that I take great pride in doing, and that I derive a great deal of pleasure in doing. A comprehensive list is included below.

Collecting Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzles

The Lone Star Brewing Company has been printing Rebus puzzles on the insides of their bottle caps for some time now, and I have made it my personal goal to collect all 413 of them. If you would like to see, contribute to, or critique my collection please see my Lone Star Bottle Cap Puzzle page. Special thanks to the joke library for providing a great deal of the solutions to puzzles I have yet to collect.


Back in my Boy Scout days I quite enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, and I found that the best way to do this is to load up some stuff into a backpack and hoofing it to the less accessable parts of the outdoors. Recently I have gotten back into this hobby along with some other grad students. For those of you who enjoy this hobby as well, feel free to get in touch with me and you can be included in our next venture. Something we did and that I would suggest is to go to Pedernales Falls, which as you may know has pretty crappy primative campsites, but what you can do is camp the first night in the primative site, then in the morning pack up and interpret a trail along the river up to the falls. The path has been well used for most of the way, but once you pass the picnic beaches the trail becomes a bit tougher, we found it quite fun. That night you can camp on the beach by the falls, which, while not allowed, is quite nice.

I've lately been trying to break into ultralight backpacking; I'm glad to say that I've gotten by base pack weight down from 24.4lbs to 13.8lbs. Hopefully my knees will thank me. Eventually I'm going to design and sew a new backpack which will bring by base weight to the ten pound range. Eventually I'll add a page devoted to ULB giving some tips and tricks to help you transition.

Circuit development

I've created a set of modules, footprints, and 3d shapes for KiCAD for wafer connectors. I couldn't find them out there on the internet so I made them myself.


I've always enjoyed figuring out how to solve a problem and writing some code to solve it, and now I have an application to prove it. What I have here is an XMLTV parser for OSX that will tell you what will be coming on your tv in the future and display program information (think: the menu button on your cable box remote). More Information.

Banjo Pickin'

I recently started playing banjo, not well mind you, but I'm trying. An outstanding resource I have found is the Banjo Hangout.