Frustrated by my inability to get gShowTV to work for me I set out to make my own using cocoa. I'm happy to say that I have successfully written an XMLTV parser for OSX, its not perfect, but it works. If somebody wants to it would be really nice to have an Icon for the application


Here it is. The source is now available (now that I've documented it somewhat), and is copyrighted under the GPL.


All you need is OSX (of course), and a way to get the xmltv file for your local listings which you can find at the xmltv homepage.


Screenshot1 (A view of the Channel - Program selection screen), Screenshot2 (A view of the timeslot selection screen), and Screenshot3 (A view of the search drawer at work). All are from the latest version.

Future Work

Add functionality to search program descriptions and subtitles too. Also I would like to incorportate a "tv_grab"ber, but I probably won't since there are so many available for so many countries. If possible I will try to make the interface a bit prettier too.

I will not be working on this application any more, since the service I used to download the XMLTV listings has stopped providing the listings for free